A Minute a Day Keeps The Data Charges Away
By Miranda Zalewski

Have you ever noticed how much people are on their phones nowadays? Walking around, you see that everyone has a phone in their hands or pockets. Its 2012, and phones glued to our sides is just the norm. According to this data, people from ages 18 and younger talk on the phone about 21 minutes per day, while ages 64 + talk about a solid 13 minutes or so. The in between is usually the working class, therefore more to talk about. But the highest time is 33 minutes? That's is? In today's society, we rarely talk on the phone anymore when we can do things like e-mail or text message.

While many people do not talk on the phone, they do text message much more. Children under the age of 18, on average, send about a 113 messages per day. While Adults 65+ send maybe two. When it comes to Cell Phone Accessories, CellPhoneTrek has got you covered! On average, there will be 20 "lol"s a day from males of all ages, and a hard 27 "omg"s from females. The thing about texting, is it's easier than having to call, you really don't have to apply the same social protocols and you don't have to answer right away, so you can carry out a conversation while doing something else. Therefore making multitasking much easier.

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Embed this infographic on your blog by copying the following code:

According to the Daily Data Usage, people from ages 25-34 use an average of 19 MB of data per day. Multiple that by days in a month, then multiple that by how many months there are in a year, and your everyday 30 year old is using over 7000 MB (about 7 GB) per year. Now the question is what are they using that data for? The highest rating for data goes under streaming tv shows or videos at 274 minutes per day, while the lowest is so reading a magazine at 18 minutes per day. There is a various of things one can do on a phone to spout of data, but the main killer besides movies or videos, would have to be social networking. We are continually spending time checking into places or posting photos or sending out status updates or tweets. Social networks definitely a data consumer.

The smart phone market share is continually growing but at the moment, you can see that Apple holds the largest share for games at 26%, as well as the largest share for videos and music. When it comes to staying connected with the world of Cell Phone News, make CellPhoneTrek, your one stop for the latest! But the ironic thing is that Android holds a high percentage in smart phones, while Apple is even with Blackberry - which actually surprising to most since BlackBerry is going downhill and has not released a new smart phone in quite some time. Anyway, Apple only produces smart phones and tablets from Apple, no other manufacturer currently produces an Apple device. While on Android's smart phones and tablets are being pushed out by various manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, and LG. Apple may push out a new smart phone device maybe every year, a new model with a different design maybe every two years. While Android has new smart phones and tablets coming out all the time with various specifications and features.

Halfway through the day, it's no wonder why your smart phone is dying out so quickly with all that we do to it. With all of the phone calls, constant texting, and consuming of data we do, you can't help but wonder what our lives would be like today without smart phones and tablets? Food for thought.

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