Angry Birds: Space: 50 mln Downloads in 35 Days
By Jerry Carrion

Angry Birds has always been known for pretty serious popularity and, probably, every new Android user installed this game at the first place on its newly purchased handset. After the whole line of Angry Birds series, Rovio made a decision to release something very alike but at the same time – very different that we know as Angry Birds: Space. During the first three days this game was downloaded for 10 million times which already is amazing. But that is not all! In 35 days the number of downloads has reached 50 million point, making it the “fastest growing mobile game” ever. I am not sure if anything in this world was as popular as Angry Birds Space. Rovio did a great job with good old Angry Birds reincarnated in a new shell with different rules but still amazingly addictive gameplay. If you haven’t tried Angry Birds Space, I strongly recommend you to get this app on your smart-phone or tablet and trust me – you won’t be disappointed.

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