Azada HD Review
By Ricky Mauch

Azada HD is a must have game for all iOS device owners, especially if you own the iPad. Why? It's just that the game looks perfect and especially made for the iPad's vivid display. It is a puzzle game brought to us by Big Fish Games. It is now available for only $4.99 over at iTunes. Here, what you need is attention to detail and a watchful eye. The essence of the game is to find hidden objects in time. Like most of Big Fish's other games, its primarily a puzzle with a hidden object gameplay, rather than the other way around. Azada HD for the iPad has lots of puzzles to keep gamers busy. Many are saying that the game lacks in storyline, compared to other Big Fish Games’ offerings such as the Nick Chase II and Empress of the Deep.


Azada HD is a cool game and will keep you busy for hours. Here, you will find yourself trapped in a haunted room and to your goal is to free yourself by solving a series of puzzles.There are over 40 unique puzzles, 5 master-level puzzles, multiple 'escape the room' challenges. It offers gorgeous graphics and atmospheric music, and allows you to replay completed puzzles. It also features integrated hint system, and allows you to listen to your own music with embedded iPod controls. Cool huh?

The levels here, vary wildly and not only in type & style, but also in difficulty. What’s cool about the game is that when you successfully completing a certain stage in the time allotted, it will give you the ability to skip the maddening puzzle in the future stages. By the way, this game is also available on PC, Mac, other mobile phones, or tablets.

With the flamethrower you can melt away the ice meteors, but the ice cannon is good too when the fire meteors head your way. Inside the Arcade Mode, you will find thirty adventerous levels to battle through.


The graphics in Azada HD is awesome as well as the animations. The puzzles animation alone were very polished, and have this fluid feel. It seems that the developers of the game paid too much attention to detail. The objects in the game fade in/out, glow, spin, and just look awesome. The only drawback here is that the background images & items to be found are not rendered at a higher resolution – same findings for other games that I've reviewed so far with a hidden object component.


The sound effects in the game –Azada HD are nicely done. For sure, gamers will enjoy its soundtrack. What’s more is that it allows you to play your fave music (mp3s in your library) while playing the game, which comes in handy if you’re fed up with the usual sound themes. Overall, the sounds in the game has this distinct Harry Potter style to it. It sounded mysterious, yet playful. I also like the sounds in the menu as it is very intriguing and catchy. The sound effects here may not be the best there is, but it is something that will haunt and stick in your minds.


Overall, the Azada HD for the iPad is a promising and entertaining game. It may not be the best puzzle game ever created but it still brings something new to the table. It’s a very strong puzzle adventure game, that offers HD graphics, and a good production value. The puzzles here are clever, and the graphics are simply amazing. Soundtrack is OK, and though countdown timer makes the game less attractive, as it gave me a bit of artificial stress. I give this game a rating of 4/5, as it is a great game and is magnificently designed with remastered graphics & amazing sound effects. The striking puzzles in the game along with challenges will surely make anyone stand their toes. The gameplay is quite interesting and it will surely bring you back to play it again and again.

Azada HD
System : iPad
Developer : Big Fish Games
Selling Price : $ 4.99

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