Azkend Review
By Ricky Mauch

Azkend HD is the HD version of the original Azkend game that has been developed especially for the iPad. It is an exciting game that features 10 awesome puzzler to the iPad with more stunning visual effects and upgrades. Just like other iPad remakes, thereís really no difference between the iPhone original and iPod Touch versions, but slight gameplay changes and enhanced graphics which give Azkend a new look and feel which could persuade gamers to give it a try. The game features enjoyable game play, nice touch controls, captivating story,hours of puzzling, 2 game modes, 8 powerful talismans, eye-popping hand drawn sceneries, & stunning visual effects. Itís easy to play and learn and all you have got to do is drag your finger on the your iPadís screen (board) to make matches and destroy the tiles. After that, you need to touch the bottom of the screen to open the pause menu. Easy huh?

The Azkend HD is also available on PC, MAC, and to other mobile devices and tablets. But this Azkend HD was made especially for the iPad to fully take advantage of its vivid display. Whatís best about this game is the uniqueness in its graphics with hand drawn sceneries that will surely take your breathe away. It has has 2 game modes which are the Adventure and Survival. In Adventure mode, you go through a story of a gentleman who had this vision of a trip that he took long ago. All in all, there are 70 levels in total and each level that you complete you will be awarded by a piece of a Talisman. Each Talisman, comes with a unique ability. Just so you know, every level is timed and if you are fast enough, you will get a gold star. However, if you failed to get the gold star on first try, there is no way to go back and try to get it. In Survival mode, there are 8 different levels which represent 8 different talismans. The gameplay is somewhat the same as the Adventure mode Ė the only difference is that you race against a clock to collect stars by flipping tiles.

The game looks stunning and for sure you will be amazed on how the developers made the game. For me, they did very well on their execution of the graphics, design, visuals, and animations. Not to mention the physics of the tiles. The animation when the lightning strikes the board looks awesome as well as the other animations in the game (for you to find out). Since it is in HD< the artwork in this version is much better that the iPhone or the iPod Touch ones, which makes it a completely brand new game. The artists and the animators really did an awesome job on the artwork for the game overall.

Graphics is awesome as well as the soundtrack of the game. The background and Sound FX is pretty impressive. For me, the background music could have been improved as it needs a better arrangement to better fit in with each other. The soundtrack adjusts to the pace of the game, and you will be surprised when you find yourself relaxed while playing the game to a very serene music, then suddenly you are listening to a beating music. For me, thatís cool and enjoyable. The quality of the sound FX is really awesome however, almost perfectly executed in fact.

Azkend HD was done almost perfectly and for me, it is indeed one of the best puzzle games ever developed. It features great artwork, awesome music, and fun gameplay. This is highly recommended to those who enjoy games like Bejeweled. It might not appeal to those occasional puzzle players but it still is worth a try. It is available for only $4.99 over at iTunes, though I advise you to wait for another sale because this game has been put on sale for just $.99 recently. It really has a lot going for it, as the gameplay is a bit different. Why? Istead of square tiles, they are hexagons in shape and the chaining goes at angles instead of the horizontal and vertical directions, which makes the game more challenging. I have one beef with the game though, and it is the timer that canít be turned off..

Azkend HD
System : iPad
Developer : 10Tons
Selling Price : $ 4.99

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