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December 04, 2014
Samsung is expected to release the Android Lollipop update for their devices, and we have already seen videos of Android 5.0 running on the S5 and S4. Today, we will
December 03, 2014
Just recently, OnePlus One was officially launched in India for just Rs 21,999 for the 64GB model. It has been sold via the same old invite system with a limited
December 02, 2014
Samsung seems to be the leading smartphone vendor to date, but the Korean OEM has seen decreased its profits in the past few quarters and reported its worst earnings in
December 01, 2014
Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy A3 and A7 handset, and it looks like they are about to launch another handset in the coming weeks, possibly from the E series.

November 30, 2014
We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the launch of the LG G Flex 2, a device with a curved display which is expected to launch in 2015.

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November 29, 2014
Just recently, OnePlus One launched in India, and is expected to go on sale on December 2nd via the same invite-based system. However, there’s some bad news for Indian users
November 28, 2014
Twitter is going to make a change the way it deals with their users' data on Android or Apple iOS smartphones. The company will soon be able to scan your
November 27, 2014
The first ever Android One smart phone has been launched in the UK, and it is called the Karbonn Sparkle V. It is now being sold by Indian manufacturer Karbonn
November 26, 2014
Just recently, we have heard that the white BlackBerry Passport was available to pre-order. Today, you can now pre-order the new red version of the handset here in the US.
November 25, 2014
Few days ago, we have heard that British Telecom were in acquisition talks with UK O2, a known mobile carrier originally started out as Cellnet and was owned by BT
November 24, 2014
We've heard recently that Samsung is planning to scale back their smart phone range, and now it seems like Sony has similar plans, in attempt to return the company to
November 23, 2014
British Telecom has confirmed to the WSJ that they are working with Telefonica, in an attempt to buy O2 UK from the company.

O2 started out as a BT company
November 21, 2014
Huawei has launched another smart phone in the UK, which they call the Honor 3C. It is the handset will start shipping next Monday the 24th of November.

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November 20, 2014
We have heard some leaked specifications previously for the new Sony Xperia Z4 smart phone, and the handset is said to come with a new Sony Exmor RS camera sensor.
November 19, 2014
Snapchat had issues when it comes to security in the past few weeks when a third party app used to save the snaps was compromised.

To improve on its security,
November 18, 2014
Jolla is is not a big name in the smart phone World, who launched its smart phone earlier this year. Today, it looks like they are planning to launch something
November 17, 2014
Nokia already sold devices division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion, and is focusing now on its networking and mapping services, which are turning out to be a positive vibe for the
November 16, 2014
Microsoft has recently released a updated technical preview of Windows 10. The new operating system will be available to a wide range of devices, which will include desktops, notebooks, Windows
November 15, 2014
UK's supermarket Sainsbury's has announced a new mobile app in which the company hopes will put and end to queuing at the tills when you go shopping at their supermarkets.
November 14, 2014
Blackberry returned with a vengeance in the smart phone World with its new Blackberry Passport, and more recently, the Blackberry Classic, which is up for pre-orders at the company’s website.
November 12, 2014
Samsung one of the largest smartphone manufacturers globally who has literally countless number of smartphones versions under its name is soon to launch new series of smart phones. We've seen
November 11, 2014
Motorola already has a lot of impressive devices in their portfolio, but it looks like the Lenovo-owned company has a few more devices in the pipeline.

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November 10, 2014
Microsoft has recently confirmed that their new smart phones would come under the Microsoft Lumia brand. Today, the company has announced that the first device will be made official on
November 9, 2014
We have heard a lot of rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone over the last few weeks, a device that is expected to be launch in 2015.

November 8, 2014
LG already has a curved smart phone called the LG G Flex handset, and now it seems like they have plans to launch a bendable smart phone next year.

November 7, 2014
Just recently, we've received a report that Motorola will launch a red football leather back for the Moto X, specifically designed for Verizon Wireless users.

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November 6, 2014
Just recently, we have heard that the Samsung has managed to sell 4.5 million units of Galaxy Note 4 in the first month, which are 500,000 short of the sales
November 5, 2014
We have heard quite a few rumors about the new Meizu MX4 Pro over the last few weeks, and seems that the device will be made official on the 19th
November 4, 2014
Way back in October, HTC unveiled the Desire Eye as well as the Re camera at their double exposure event in New York. This device was said to launch in
November 3, 2014
The UK government was previously in negotiations with the various mobile carriers in the UK, to get the carriers to offer UK mobile roaming. However, in the end the carriers