DBest Mono Bluetooth Speaker Review
By Mark Zalewski

DBEST did not simply intend to create a simple speaker that can be simply placed amongst the others. Infact, the London company made took it upon themselves to make the best and most advanced speakers currently available for mobile connectivity. This particular speaker will allow you to travel to up to 45 feet away from the speaker while still being able to play all of your audio seamlessly. Not only will this feature work with your phone, but also any other electronic media device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. However, if you find yourself in the particular situation that you might not be able to connect your device and speakers through the use of Bluetooth connectivity, you can rely on standard methods such as a 3.5mm headset jack. This can be used to give your device a total time of 40 hours contious playback! If you do however plan on using Bluetooth connectivity as your method of playback, you can recieve up to 20 hours of wireless use. If you're looking for a high quality solution to listening to all of your favorite tunes in a small and compact enviornment, then this is the answer for you!

At first it's quite hard to believe the amount of sound that is generated from such a small and sleek speaker. Not only is the audio high quality, but the amount of time and effort required to set up these speakers is almost second to none. Simply enter your device settings and do a scan for any Bluetooth-enabled objects. Once found, simply choose pair the two and you'll be good to go in just simply seconds. The rechargable battery design also ensures that you are not constantly having to dish out money to power those speakers of yours. A full charge may take somewhere in between 3 to 4 hours, but after that you'll be ready to go without a doubt! These are a great solution to a small get together or party, your office or home desk, or in exchange for headphones. All in all DBEST speakers not only provide a source of excellent audio, they are also a brand and statement of high quality assurance. If you're serious about your music, then you will certainly check out these speakers!

Key Attributes : Weight 8.3 ounces Dimensions 60mm (D) x 45mm (H) Full charging time 3-4 hours (400mAH Lithium Polymer battery) Battery voltage 3.7V Power input Mini USB (5V/500mA) *Bluetooth protocol 2.1+EDR Range 10-16 metres Signal/Noise ratio >80dB Rating power 2W with amplifier Line in-put 3.5mm Amp Frequency Range 180Hz - 20KHz

The DBest Mono Rechargeable Bluetooth Mini-Speaker Set are a great way to listen to your music without having to deal with the annoyance of stranding your phone at a remote location. With these awesome headsets, you can now go around freely while listening to all of your favorite songs. Make sure to check it out on our site!

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dbest mono speaker

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