Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Coming to AT&T November 11th!
By Jerry Carrion

Well it seems that AT&T has announced their Samsung Galaxy family will be getting a bigger addition; the Tab 2 10.0 will be available starting this Sunday, November 9th. The pricing has been placed at $499.99. With that you will get the tablet, LTE support, a 7,000mAh battery and a fully loaded verison of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. No word on when we will see the Jelly Bean update for this device, we will definitely keep you posted. AT&T has releaed word that for a limited time, they will be giving customers 100 bucks off the purchase of a Samsung device and a Galaxy smart phone that has a two year contract. And it seems that the Tab 2 10.1 isn't the only device coming to AT&T this Sunday, apparently ATIV Smart PC will also be available for $799.99. Check out these devices and more at your local AT&T store.

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