LG Leaves Windows Phone Behind
By Jerry Carrion

I hope it is not a secret for you that LG was working on two fronts: Android and Windows Phone. While there is nothing strange and surprising in this kind of activity, it is still better to concentrate on one and not two platforms. Well, after some serious thinking and reconsidering, LG makes a decision to leave Windows Phone platform and start working with Android OS only. I do not want to be judgmental but I think this is the righteous thing to do. No offense, Windows Phone, but right now you are not competitive with the modern needs and requirements and that is why you cannot fight for the first place. Yes, Lumia smart-phones look great and brought a little refreshment into the whole WP line but their specs are still far from quad-core processors and HD touch-screens. Of course, 4 cores are not something that you need to have on your device no matter what but better performance brings better productivity.

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