Madden NFL 12 Review
By Ricky Mauch

The MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS For iPad is one of the most popular mobile sports title in the World. It is an American football game that is based on the National Football League “NFL”, published by EA Sports & developed by EA Tiburon. Most of Madden's releases have been a SOLD OUT, and their latest is the latest NFL 12 by EA. This game has been available also to consoles, but what we’ll be reviewing is the iPad version. Yes, NBA has been made available by EA and 2K Sports, and it’s nice to see that a football game has been ported for the iPad. Will this create a huge impact in the mobile gaming industry? Will this be the best sports game ever created for mobile? If you want to know more. Read my full hands on review of the game.

What I like about the NFL 12 by EA SPORTS For iPad is its gameplay. There’s a sophistication of play calling. It’s easy to learn even beginners or those who have not played or do not know how to play football will get a hang of it easily. The game’s iconic play-displays can be toggled between a Basic or Advanced – which are the 2 levels of presentation. The Basic showcases plays at a 10,000 foot level, which is quite a standard for me, as it keeps the flow of the game and it progresses forward while it allows gamers to learn how to set plays on either side of the ball. The Advanced level adds a few new layers of depth in the type of plays, which is based on your plan of attack. The iPad version is OK despite it’s quite slow (the framerate speed was horrible). Aside from that, everything is OK.

Graphics is stunning! Kudos to EA and Madden for continuing their tradition though they seemed to forgot on adding a photo-realistic level of detail to the game’s individual players. Cinematics was great, and I must say that this new NFL 12 by EA SPORTS For iPad is one of the best looking games I have seen so far. Its very obvious that the graphics in NFL 12 has been improved. It looks realistic and you will definitely like the game’s presentation and gameplay. You will enjoy tackling your opponents, and the customization options.

Sound is fantastic as well. It’s as if you are in the arena while playing. You can feel the game as well as the crowd. There’s this ambient game field, that’s very impressive. However, just like the previous version of the game, the commentary is quite repetitive. You will feel the emotion in the stadium. You can here the announcers, refs, your team mates, as well as the calls of the plays which for me are much more than the vague statements. In fact, I even enjoyed watching the game CPU VS CPU while in dock mode, and it made me start yelling with Gus as plays unfold.

Everyone knows EA, and that is why this new Madden franchise is quite a hit. It’s a good thing that they have ported out this new MADDEN NFL 12 for the iPad since there are lots of Apple consumers around the Globe. The game is awesome from graphics, to sound, to gameplay, and that’s why we are expecting more from them. For me, they have made enough solid improvements from the last year's version. But for those old-time Madden gamers, I am not sure. I just do hope that they will release an update to this game as it the ingame gameplay is really slow. It’s sluggish most of the time and I guess they whould have tested the game thouroughly before releasing it to the public. I give this game a score of 4/5 – should have been 4.5 if the framerate speed was OK.

System : iPad
Developer : EA Mobile
Selling Price : $ 9.99

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