Samsung Galaxy S III Appears in Kies PC
By Jerry Carrion

Samsung Galaxy S III is still the most rumored smart-phone in the web. People want to see it so badly on the mobile market that can even spend hours monitoring Samsung's Kies PC software. Well, maybe not but do you have a better explanation for this? Thanks to someone from France, we got some heads up about the S III and its appearance in Samsung's Kies PC software. Samsung Kies PC software is used for manual updates, personal media syncs and other important stuff. So, if you open this program, go to "Samsung Apps", select "France" as your region and you will see two different smart-phones that are called the Samsung Galaxy S 3 GT-i9300 and the Samsung Galaxy S 3 GT-i9300T. We have no idea what makes them different: maybe, the color or maybe – dual- and quad-core processors. But there is something that you won’t like: on the picture above the “Samsung Galaxy S 3” sign Samsung put the Galaxy Note and not the original Galaxy S 3. So ye, its real face is still unknown.

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