ScreenWhiz 2-in-1 Review
By Erika Galeano

One of the biggest problems for device users out there is a smudged screen. There’s nothing more annoying than pulling out your phone to discover that your device is covered in an overabundance of fingerprints and smudges. I figured I would put this problem behind me and try out the new ScreenWhiz 2-in-1 Cleaning & Stylus Kit. While you may have heard about similar cleaning kits, this particular one does not utilize a chemical solution but a stylus instead. At first I admit I was somewhat curious to see how a stylus cleaner would stack up against many of the liquid cleaning kits. Upon receiving my cleaning kit, I was quick to dirty up my screen with a plethora of different textures. I pulled out the stylus and begun to quickly brush against my screen. After a couple seconds of applying mild strength, my screen was immaculate. The stylus pen did not scratch my phone in anyway either. I enjoyed this method a bit more than your standard chemical solution, as it allowed me to stick the pen in my pocket for quick and easy access.

It also included a stylus pen which helped me keep my screen free of additional finger to screen contact, thus keeping it clean!

The package also includes a microfiber carrying pouch, a SIM card remover pin, and 2 extra cleaning tips. If you’re trying to keep your screen clean, just try out this cleaning kit and you won’t have any complaints. Plus it comes with a plethora of cool accessories!

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