ScreenWhiz Screen Mitt Kit Review
By Erika Galeano

Cleaning your screen can be an annoying task that any device user carries out at least a couple times a day. I figured I would give this cleaning package a try as I often find myself reaching for my shirt to clean the screen of my phone. Upon receiving the ScreenWhiz Screen Cleaner & Mitt Kit, I was a bit skeptical of its quality. However, once the cleaning kit finally arrived, I was quick to dismiss any fears. The advanced cleaning solution formula truly cleaned my phone with just one wipe. Not only did it remove all dirt, smudges, and grime in just a second, it also left a nice slick coat on top of my screen. This helped keep my phone fingerprint free for the first couple interactions between the device and myself. Even when not using the cleaning solution, the provided microfiber mitt can be of great use. Just a couple of wipes can easily take away common fingerprints and smudges. For all of those who are concerned with the environment, you can rest assured knowing the screen cleaner is bio-green and refillable.

It will also work on any other type of capacitive, LCD, LED, plasma, or glass display. The kit is both small, compact, and can be brought around with you practically anywhere.

Just make sure to bring your carrying case along. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to keep your phone clean, I would certainly recommend this cleaner. Try it out today for yourself!

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