UK Regulator Ofcom Reviewing Mobile Phone Contracts
By Jerry Carrion

UK Regulator Ofcom is currently reviewing mobile phone contracts in the UK, and they are thinking of modifying their general conditions to allow subscribers to leave their monthly contracts before it is up if the mobile operator makes changes to the contract. Lets say for example if the mobile phone operator decides to increase the price in the middle of your contract.

Ofcom decided to review the mobile phone contracts in the UK after receiving a total of 1,644 complaints from mobile phone users for the period of September 2011 and May 2012.

"This proposed change would address consumer concerns that it is unfair that providers are currently able to raise prices, while they themselves have little choice but to accept the increase or pay a penalty to exit the contract. Under the current rules, the exception is where a provider agrees that the price increase would be likely to cause ‘material detriment’."

Ofcom would also expect mobile phone operator to be transparent about their price hikes so subscribers can make a sound choice when signining up for a contract.

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