WSJ says Microsoft testing homemade handsets, will most likely not see release
By Jerry Carrion

It seems times are a changing. Microsoft isn’t commonly known for handling hardware production. Save with the exceptional Zune and a few other products, Microsoft’s venture into hardware has always been dismal until just recently. With the release of the Surface, that has all changed. This could possibly pave a new road for Microsoft to take a bit more creative control in its own hands. According to the Wall Street Journal Microsoft has been testing its own brew of handsets with a variety of different carriers. Sources claim they have seen one device in particular that spans 4 to 5 inches and is no bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S II nor smaller than the iPhone 5. Before you get all excited, don’t forget that these devices are unlikely to ever see day light. We’re sure Microsoft won’t be shedding light on the subject anytime soon! I guess you will just have to play the waiting game on this one.

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