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LG Star Leaked Showing Pictures and Minute Details

Posted by Mark Zalewski on 30 November, 2015
You could probably still remember the much-awaited and debated 4 inched flagship from LG a few weeks ago that we talked about. Well, judging from what we have now, it appears that the phone’s existence is really true. A good member of an Android Forum reportedly had the chance to get hands on the phone and even captures some photos of the “star”. So it is confirmed, the name of the name is LG Star and its specs are quite surprising. It actually runs on a Tegra 2 Processo...Read more →

The Sensitive BlackBerry Empathy Literally Empathizes its Users

Posted by Mark Zalewski on 30 November, 2015
Are you ready for this? If you are well-attuned to the candybar design of the BlackBerry, then the BlackBerry Empathy will blow your mind. The Empathy is actually the result of a sponsorship by RIM for the Art Center College of Design. And the result is phenomenal! True to its name, the BlackBerry Empathy has a biometric feedback ring that communicates the emotions of the user into the phone. Yep, you got that. A what? Just read on to believe. Literally the phone will no...Read more →

HTC to Open New North Carolina Facility, New Innovative Phones Coming

Posted by Mark Zalewski on 30 November, 2015
If you will check out the careers section of HTC’s website, you will be greeted with a list of job postings on some key positions. It appears that the Asian mobile magnate is expanding its empire over in corporate America. The actual sport is the now emptied Research Triangle Park in North Carolina which hosted other big companies such as Nortel and Sony Ericsson before the recession came in. And as the site is dawning on the advent of its full operation, the jobopenings...Read more →

Motorola Olympus to be launched by AT&T Very Soon, How Soon?

Posted by Mark Zalewski on 30 November, 2015
With mixed feelings of speculation and anticipation on the coming of the Motorola Olympus, we got this interesting news from AT&T. We really don’t know who the administrator of the Facebook fan page AT&T Share is but we heard that the Motorola Olympus should be coming in this December or January. An avid fan of the site brought up the question about when is the mythical phone finally coming to AT&T.  The site eagerly replied, “Hi $%#&, The Motorola Olympu...Read more →

Microsoft Finally Gets Heard by US Supreme Court on Word Patent

Posted by Mark Zalewski on 30 November, 2015
You can still probably remember how Microsoft fought with Toronto’s i4i Inc. over Microsoft Word software. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tables are turning in favor of Microsoft as the high court finally decides to hear the Redmond Giant’s side. The US Supreme Court today has agreed to hear Microsoft’s appeal in the case that has dealt the software company $290 Million worth of damages and additional loss from preventing them to release higher versions of Mic...Read more →

Project iPad Magazine by Richard Branson Now Available

Posted by Mark Zalewski on 30 November, 2015
Well, he is the man. Richard Branson, the famous British industrialist and chairman of Virgin Group has finally made it to the iPad. The Project, which is the name of Richard’iPad magazine, is now available in iTunes, specifically in Italy and United Kingdom. In a just a matter of a few hours, the billionaire’s iPad magazine will soon arrive in the United States. The app is free and cost per issue is at $2.99 per month of updated content. Main category of the newsletter ...Read more →

Samsung Teams Up with Cellular South for LTE Plans

Posted by Mark Zalewski on 26 November, 2015
It seems that everyone nowadays is gearing up for long term evolution or LTE. Listen to Verizon and they will give you their well-prepared sales talk. Head up to Sprint and you will be stunned by advertisements. And of course, AT&T will definitely shove its 4G banner into your throat if you permit them to. The thing is - the time is perfect now for the 3G to upgrade to 4G. And look who is joining the caravan; it is the wireless carrier Cellular South partnering with ...Read more →

Acer Adopts AMD APU for their Tablet PC

Posted by Mark Zalewski on 26 November, 2015
The term CPU or Central Processing Unit has been around since the time when IBM pioneered the first computers. The term APU however, is something new to the ears, and it sounds a lot modern. You bet it is! APU, also known as Accelerated Processing Unit, is more powerful and faster that ordinary CPUs. Acer, one of Asia’s largest computer manufacturers, is proud to announce that their incoming tablet-PCs will run on one from AMD. It is good to know that Acer will be using ...Read more →

Minecraft Pocket Edition Arrives On iOS

Posted by Erika Nikole on 17 November, 2015
A month ago, the Minecraft Pocket Edition app has been rolled out to Android devices. Notech and his team have now rolled out a new Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS devices which will bring all the fun of mobile Minecraft to Apple devices. The roll out of the new iOS application comes one day before the game's Gold release which has been in a beta development stage for almost a year. Minecraft allows you to build anything you can imagine and this new Pocket Edition now a...Read more →

None Is Perfect, Nothing Is Perfect

Posted by Fred Salva on 12 October, 2015
There are lots of tasks that new iPhone 4G is good at. But there is one thing that iPhone hardly manages with. I am talking about the touch-screen glass and its reliability. During the last 4 month more and more users have been reporting about physical damages (breaks and cracks) of their iPhone devices. If we ask statistics it will provide us with numbers that iPhones 4G glass “breaks 82% more than the screen on the Apple iPhone 3GS”. I do not consider this news to be t...Read more →
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